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Q: Do you accept cash on delivery? How do I pay?
A: Our only accepted mode of payment is via PayNow. We will be in contact with you after you submit your order for payment details.

Q: I can't hit your minimum order! How can I try your Ban Mian?

A: Please try to find us on the GrabFood App! Search for "Face Ban Mian".

Q: Can I separate my soup from the noodles? 

A: All soup items will be separated from the noodles by default for online deliveries.

Q: Will it be difficult to mix my dry noodles with the sauce?

A: All dry noodles will be mixed thoroughly with our sauce when we prepare your orders.

Q: If I order dry noodles, can I request for some soup?

A: All dry noodle items comes with a separate bowl of soup.


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